DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Workshop


Support families in your community as a postpartum doula


Presented by

Susan Martensen



27 Teaching hours over 3 days


8:00am - 6:30pm each day

The Role of the Postpartum Doula


A postpartum doula’s role is flexible. From family to family, day-to-day, even hour-to-hour, her role is constantly changing.


She is a teacher and a source of information and will provide reliable, evidenced-based information on maternal care, infant feeding and care, as well as blending a baby into the family.  She offers practical support with meal preparation and household organization. 


The postpartum doula also has a thorough knowledge of services, products, and professionals available in her community and offers quality referrals when they are needed.


At all times the doula provides reassurance, support and the belief that these parents can and will be successful in nurturing their family. Her support and information extend to all family members equally in her role of “nurturing the family”.


Curriculum Topics


The DONA-approved workshop is a three-day, comprehensive program. Doulas who participate in and complete the program will be extremely well-prepared to meet the needs of families during the postpartum period.                                               

Topics Covered Over Three Days:

Introduction, doula basics, effective listening, emotional issues from birth, physical changes in the mother, educating clients, multiples,

breastfeeding, information on DONA certification, blending a baby into the family, referrals, postpartum mood disorders, values clarification, the newborn and the doula, prenatal contact, doula business, loss and grief and rehearsal of learned skills.

If time allows prior to the workshop, please read at least one book from the Required Reading list and review the Certification Requirments on the Dona website.
You can work as a doula prior to becoming certified. 


To be sure that participants are prepared for their Postpartum Doula Workshop, the following are required BEFORE attending the workshop:


Required reading:

DONA Postpartum Doula Required Reading List; one book from each of the following categories:


Section One: Becoming a Mother

(choose one)

Misconceptions: Wolf (2013)

Mothering the New Mother: Placksin (2003)

The Year After Childbirth: Kitzinger (1996)


Section Two: The Newborn / Infant Care and Development

(choose one)

Your Amazing Newborn: Klaus and Klaus (2000)

Touchpoints: Brazelton (2006)

Your Baby is Speaking to You:Nugent (2011)

The Wonder Weeks: Blooij (2018)

The Baby Book: Sears (2013)


Section Three: Breastfeeding

(choose one)

Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide To Breastfeeding: Newman (2014)

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Morbacher/Kendall-Tackett (2010)

Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding:Wiesinger /West (2010)


***A selection of these books is available through the DONA Boutique


 Course prerequisites, required reading options and certification are all further described on the DONA website,


Your Instructor:


Susan Martensen,PDT(DONA), CLC  


A birth and a postpartum doula since the nineties, Susan is a DONA Postpartum program mentor and trainer. Susan is a DONA Past President. Susan is a Certified Lactation Counselor. She has participated in training postpartum and birth doulas since 1995. She is a founder of LSAR/Doula CARE in Canada and has served on several hospital and Family-Centered Maternal/Infant Health committees. Since 2013, Susan has been writing in the field of Perinatal Mental Health, developing and facilitating postpartum support groups in Ottawa.

She is a published author in various maternal health magazines and is also a noted speaker in North America.


DONA Certification:


Certification information will be available at the workshop and, is also available on the DONA web site. Should you wish to purchase a DONA postpartum doula certification packet, you must do so via the DONA website. The trainer does not provide certification packets for sale at the training.


Important Note:

You must have completed the workshop and also have your certification packet before you serve the clients that you wish to use towards your certification requirements.


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