Our Classes and Sessions.

 Breast Feeding Made Simple
For pregnant women (and their partners) who are planning to breast feed. This session incorporates an active learning style where you will discover the simple art of breastfeeding, the nurturing relationship, simple ways to know if your baby is drinking enough milk. No more clocks and timers. No more spread sheets. Plenty of supportive and practical suggestions that work!

 So – You’re Going to Be a Dad?
This session discovers how to “Do it Dad’s Way” in a hands on interactive style. We will explore how to be a birth partner, as well as a new parent. Dads will express their thoughts and questions which will be discussed and paired with practical solutions. What are Dads “expecting”?

 The “Breastfeeding Café”
A casual “drop in”, support, and networking time for expectant & new Moms and Babies (up to 6 months) Come and relax in the “Mother’s Den” – get cosy and enjoy good company. Questions addressed by Susan. We suggest a $5 donation to cover snacks and drinks that will be prepared for Moms.

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