Birth Doula Workshop



20 teaching hour workshop over two and a half days



This Doula Training Workshop has been approved as one step toward DONA International Birth doula certification and includes the following:

¨       The significance of birth and the long term impact of the birth experience;

¨       Specific suggestions for emotional and psychological support of the laboring woman and her partner;

¨       Comfort measures and non-pharmacological pain management techniques;

¨       The doula’s role before, during and after birth, and in special situations;

¨       Discussion of ethics and standards of practice for the doula;

¨       The business aspects of a doula practice and record-keeping;

¨       Referral sources for client needs beyond the scope of the doula;

¨       Communication skills and values clarification.


Prerequisites for the workshop:


1.      Read and purchase:

Simkin: The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman through Childbirth


... and at least 1 other book from the following categories on the DONA International Certification reading list:



Kitzinger: The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth, revised

Simkin, Whalley & Keppler: Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn, The Complete Guide, revised


Labor Support:

Klaus, Klaus, & Kennell: The Doula Book

Gaskin: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth


*** Please bring The Birth Partner to the workshop as it is heavily referenced in the curriculum.
Prior to the workshop you will receive a reference guide indicating the specific pages that are included as part of the curriculum.


2.  Briefly describe the births of your own children.  If you have not had any children, please write a paragraph or two describing your experience with birth.   Send this in with your registration form.


3.      Have a basic understanding of the birth process.  This Workshop assumes you already have a basic knowledge of labor & birth as would be covered in a standard childbirth education series.  If you do not have this knowledge you should a) attend a childbirth education series OR b) read one book from the Childbirth category and one book from the Labor Support category.

4.      Have a passion for the beauty and miracle of birth and a genuine respect for women.


Starting Saturday, please bring 2 large pillows (bed pillows).  Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement and comfort.  Bring a birth ball if you have one. We practice what we preach!



Your DONA Approved Trainer:


Susan Martensen,BDT/PDT(DONA), CLC  


A birth and postpartum doula since 1990, Susan is a DONA Postpartum program mentor and trainer, a DONA birth doula trainer and is a DONA Past President. Susan is a Certified Lactation Counselor. She has participated in training postpartum and birth doulas since 1995. She is a founder of LSAR/Doula CARE in Canada and has served on several hospital and Family-Centered Maternal/Infant Health committees.

She is a published author in various maternal health magazines and is also a noted speaker in North America.

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